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Oral Cancer Screening

     When cells mutate from normal to becoming cancerous they go through many changes. One change that occurs within the cell is the replication of nuclear DNA at an accelerated rate. The DNA takes up a greater percentage of the total cell volume as shown in the illustration below. The ratio between the nucleus and the cytoplasm can increase until the nucleus takes up nearly 100% of the cell volume.

     With ViziLite TBlue, oral healthcare professionals now have an adjunctive screening system that helps to identify, evaluate, monitor and mark abnormal oral lesions that may be going through these dysplastic changes. The pre-rinse solution in ViziLite TBlue desiccates the cells to make the nuclei more prominent and; therefore, more visible. The low intensity light from the handheld light source is reflected off of these abnormal cells down to the basement membrane where the nuclei have been rendered more prominent and appear to “glow” – making abnormal cells easier to see.

Children's Dentistry

     A healthy smile can start as early as opening your first birthday present.  Teeth are fragile and vulnerable to external stimuli when they are young in age, that is why it is important for children to receive consistent and high quality dental care early.  The best attention you can give to your child’s teeth is a visit to the dentist.Dr. Christian Blanco enjoys treating the teeth of the younger generation and with his years of experience in the field, he consistently delivers in bringing a smile to a child’s face. The unique challenges that accompany the treatment of younger teeth are what we strive to overcome daily. Whether it is straightening smiles or removing baby teeth, we perform to our highest standards.Because dental visits can create hesitant feelings among children, the first priority on our minds is to ensure the comfort of your child.  We adhere to this agenda by creating a warm environment that elicits a positive and comforting atmosphere.With our passion in this field, we strive to earn you and your child’s trust towards building a foundation to enjoy healthy smiles for numerous upcoming years!

General Dentistry

     The Blanco Family Dental team are specialists in a variety of general dental treatments. Our services cover essential procedures such as cleanings, prevention, examinations, x-rays, and home care.

Dr. Christian Blanco spares no expense to ensure you are enjoying your brightest and healthiest smile!

Tooth decay can be a frequent occurrence that results in pain and loss of enamel. Through the reinvigorating cleanings we provide, the results will deliver pleasing results and effective prevention from periodontal diseases.

     We schedule thorough dental exams to ensure a constant check on bacterial risks and gum diseases. We provide effective and custom fillings to replace lost enamel.

The treatment is simple and requires minimal surgical activity.  After cement has been applied onto the tooth, resin is layered over it.

     The restoration is then produced at our lab to match your natural smile.  Dental fillings are popular treatments because of their compatible application and natural-looking results.

We are proud to support our history of success by helping patients attain their best smiles.  Call us now and let us showcase our talents!

Our Services

Dental Crowns

     Damaged, infected, or missing teeth can be persistent distractions to having an attractive smile.  Additionally, teeth can shift into unnecessary positions which can disrupt normal activities involving your jaw.

It is critical to resolve these issues as early as possible.  Among the most effective solutions to treating this problem are dental crowns.

Crowns are customized to be placed over teeth to limit their exposure to damage and decay.  They are designed with numerous durable materials such as steel, resin, porcelain, and metal.

The procedure begins with an examination of your teeth.  During this process, your teeth may have to be reshaped so the crowns can be administered more comfortably.

The permanent crown is applied upon a second dental visit.  Bonding cement is glazed onto your teeth for the crowns to be firmly secured.  After a precise application, the crowns become an integral component of your restored smile.

Blanco Family Dental maintains a high position among the podium of dental care specialists.  With our expertise in this field, our crowns can deliver an effective and long-lasting solution to problems such as damaged teeth.

Teeth Whitening


     When you’re an excessive consumer of breakfast foods such as coffee and certain fruit, then your teeth can become discolored frequently. Numerous individuals treat this problem through routine teeth brushing and cleaning activities.

In most of these cases, patients find their discolored teeth to be difficult to manage when their treatments are limited to home.

     Under the hands of professionals such as the experts of Blanco Family Dental, teeth stains can be managed more efficiently and thoroughly.  We specialize in a treatment known as the Venus White Teeth Whitening system.

     Venus White is a convenient mode of brightening your smile and can deliver effective results in just 7 days of treatment.  The trays are filled with gel and are created from thin material. They provide a comfortable and stabilizing teeth whitening experience that leaves no evidence of stains.

     Venus White trays can be disposable at your convenience.  By using a new tray daily for a week, you can expect lasting results!

With the dedication of our cosmetic dentists Dr. Christian Blanco and Dr. Alicia Wolf, we look forward to transforming your smile into a dazzling and youthful display!